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Dog Obedience

“With our holistic and compassionate approach, our mission is to cultivate a personalized relationship between our clients and canines with the most effective dog training program in the industry.” – Pepe Peruyero (world-renowned canine behaviorist and PepeDogs founder)

Our philosophy is about building a better relationship between you and your dog, for the lifetime of your dog. At PepeDogs, we understand your needs may change as your pet ages or you go through a life changing event. We are here for you no matter the circumstance.pepedogs

Located in Columbus, Ohio, PepeDogs-Ohio is an accredited PepeDogs canine training and education company run by professional dog handler and co-owner of Four Paws K-9 Detection, LLC, Kelly Robbins. To contact Kelly directly, you may call  614-378-0023 or email her at

  • Do you want to better understand and communicate effectively with your dog?
  • Do you want your dog to be better behaved?
  • Do you treat your dog like a family member?

We help you create a stable environment by teaching you how to communicate effectively and instinctively motivate your dog to follow your lead.  This can be done through controlling everyday resources, using basic obedience commands and positive reinforcement. Remember, it is about the relationship!

We offer a variety of programs to meet your needs!

Small Group Lessons: 

  • “Basic” Obedience & Socialization (Heel, Sit, Stay, Down)
  • “Long Leash” Extends the basic obedience to 15 foot leash focusing on the “recall” & other skills to begin off leash work
  • “Off Leash” The highest level of group obedience PepeDogs offers

Private lessons:

A customized program conducted at your home or at our facility. This program is designed to meet the needs of you and your dog.

Man’s best friend program:

20-25 day program that focuses on everything from basic puppy issue to other behavioral issues. Conducted at our facility, designed to meet your needs in order to allow your pet to be an intricate part of your family.

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