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Inspections By Our K-9

  • At the time of inspection, our certified canine team will perform a thorough inspection of any areas that are suspected.
  • If the odor of live bed bugs or their eggs is detected, we will be able to provide you with a list of reputable exterminators, or, of course, you may contact one of your choosing.
  • We will record all of our findings and you will be given a detailed and confidential report for your records. Your privacy is extremely important to us!

Bed bugs can be found in a variety of settings, not just in the home and not just in a bed! Bed bugs can feed at anytime of day or night, although they prefer nighttime. Our bed bug dog can search an area, such as your workplace, church, school, in minutes. The canine team will pinpoint where one or more live bed bugs or viable eggs may be hiding. It can take a human hours to inspect the same amount of space that a dog can cover in a fraction of the time. Using a bed bug dog saves you time, money and pain!

We can also provide you with a follow-up inspection to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. This is recommended because new studies have shown that not all treatments are always effective; and you do not want to let the problem spread.

What our clients have to say about Four Paws…

“Four Paws has helped my family feel at ease about checking for bed bugs! Kelly Robbins is always prompt, efficient and professional. I love that I can count on Kelly and Four Paws for reliable service every time. I highly recommend Four Paws.” – Cincinnati, OH

“I was very impressed with the Four Paws company. Kelly was very professional and helpful. I had Kelly visit my house the first time to check on bed bugs and luckily nothing showed up. After the visit, I kept having some type of bug bite. I was afraid that I might still have bed bugs. Kelly was willing to bring her dog by a second time for free to make sure that I didn’t have bed bugs. I feel that this was above and beyond what most companies would do. When I was thinking that it might be another type of bug, Kelly was willing to call an entomologist for me to see what type of bug it might be.I feel that Kelly is the type of person who really cares about the customer. She is not there to take your money-she really wants to be helpful and solve the problem. I would recommend her to anyone.” -Hilliard, OH

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