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Inspection Protocols

Four Paws K-9 Detection, LLC: Inspection Protocols

At least 2 hours prior to the search:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials
  • Turn off any odor products such as plug-ins

At least 20 minutes prior to the search

  • Turn off all air conditioners, heaters, fans and ceiling fans
  • Close all windows, doors, etc.
  • Turn up all bed linens so box spring/mattress seams are exposed

Please make sure the following types of items are not accessible during the search

  • Chemicals, household cleaners
  • Food & candy
  • Toys, litter boxes, pet food & water
  • Any drugs or medications

Noise & human distractions must be kept to a minimum. We will ask the resident to vacate the area to be searched (example: step into another room). Pets/animals must be moved to an area not involved in the search.

We cannot search areas where pesticides have been applied in the last 30 days. We cannot search areas where tracking powders have been used (such as DE). All insecticide & pesticide dusts must be vacuumed with HEPA filter 24 hours prior to the search. All rodent baits, glue boards and snap traps must be removed.

Areas that are cluttered with garbage, debris, feces, dirt, food, clothing, boxes, etc. will not be searched as they present a hazard to our canine and severely compromise the effectiveness of the canine’s ability to perform her job.

Upon arrival, the handler(s) will assess the areas to be searched to ensure these protocols have been followed. Failure to follow protocols will result in the Four Paws handler refusing to search the area(s) in question. Additional fees may apply.

Thank you for your cooperation & we look forward to working with you!

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